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MS Project: Microsoft Project 2013 Certification Exam Prep Questions
Posted on Saturday, August 23 @ 12:02:50 EDT by webadmin

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15 Free Microsoft Project Certification Exam Prep Questions

Exam 74-343
Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013

Answer key is at bottom.  No cheating!

1. You would like to add a row at the top of your project schedule that rolls up or sums all the information below.  What is the easiest way to do that?
    a. Insert a Summary Task at the top of your schedule and indent all tasks below it.
    b. Enable the Project Summary Task through the Format tab on the Ribbon.
    c. Insert a task at the top of your schedule and establish the predecessors appropriately.
    d. Enable the Project Summary Task through Project tab and Project Information.

2. You would like to see graphically that your milestones have slipped passed the agreed upon Finish dates.  What should you add to the milestones?
    a. A Finish date
    b. A “Must Finish On” constraint
    c. A Deadline
    d. A “Finish No Later Than” constraint

3. You have a task that spans 5 days in Duration, has only one Resource assigned, and consists of 40 hours of planned Work.  Due to a change in a delivery date, you discover that you now need to complete this task in 3 days or less.  You have an additional resource on the team who could help with this task.  How should you configure this task before adding the second resource?
    a. Set Type to Fixed Duration, and Effort Driven to Yes
    b. Set Type to Fixed Units, and Effort Driven to Yes
    c. Set Type to Fixed Work, and Effort Driven to No
    d. Set Type to Fixed Work, and Effort Driven to Yes

4. You have a resource on your team who is only available 50% of the time.  She is responsible for working on only one task next week.  The original estimate of Work for this task was 20 hours.  She just informed you that based upon some new found information, the task is really going to take 30 hours worth of Work to complete.  There is no one else that can assist with this task.  How should you configure this task before updating the Work?
    a.  Set Effort Driven to Yes, then input 30 hours Work
    b.  Set Type to Fixed Duration, then input 30 hours Work
    c.  Set Type to Fixed Units, then input 30 hours Work
    d.  Set Effort Driven to No, then input 30 hours Work

5. You were just asked to take over a project.  The previous project manager had developed a schedule in Microsoft Excel.  It has 262 tasks, each with Duration in days and Resource Names assigned.  You prefer to manage your projects using Microsoft Project.  What’s the best way to get the information out of Excel and into Microsoft Project?
    a. Use the Gantt Chart Wizard
    b. Select all the information in Excel, Copy and Paste directly into Microsoft Project
    c. Open the Excel file directly from within Microsoft Project, which will convert and map Tasks, Durations, and Resources assigned into Project fields
    d. Create a VBA macro

6. You are in the process of creating a new schedule in Microsoft Project.  You want to ensure that all tasks added to the schedule will be “Auto Scheduled”.  What should you do?
    a. Under Schedule Options, set New tasks created to “Auto Scheduled”
    b. Under Advanced Options, set New tasks created to “Auto Scheduled”
    c. Use the Task Mode field within the Gantt Chart view to change the value to “Auto Scheduled”
    d. Highlight all tasks and use the “Auto Schedule” button

7. You just updated the Duration of a task.  You notice that the Finish Variance at the “Level 0” or  “Project Summary” row is now showing 5 days.  What does this mean?
    a. The project is on schedule
    b. The project is 5 days behind schedule
    c. The project is 5 days ahead of schedule
    d. The project needs rebaselined

8. Working with your project sponsor, you determine that a few tasks are out of scope for your project.  You would like to somehow adjust your schedule to eliminate those tasks, but you don’t want to simply delete them just in case they may be needed in the future.  What should you do?
    a. Move the task to after the end date of the project
    b. There is nothing else you can do but delete the task
    c. Remove the Predecessor and Successor from the tasks
    d. Inactivate the tasks

9. You click on the Resource Sheet view and notice that one of the resource names appears in Red.  What does this mean?
    a. The name is misspelled
    b. The resource is not assigned to any tasks
    c. The resource is over-allocated
    d. The resource has not been properly added to the Resource Sheet

10. You just updated your schedule.  You need a graphical view that shows how your current schedule compares to the Baseline.  Which view should you use?
    a. Detail Gantt view
    b. Tracking Gantt view
    c. Leveling Gantt view
    d. Gantt Chart view

11. You are managing a project to add a new kitchen onto an older home.  The Plumber owns the task of Install Plumbing.  The Electrician owns the task of Install Electric.  Both tasks span a duration of 5 days each.  The initial plan was to have all the plumbing complete before installing the electric.  However, you would like to compress the overall duration of these two tasks, so you talk to both the Electrician and the Plumber.  It is decided that the Electrician could begin his work 2 days before the Plumber is complete.  How would you alter your schedule?
    a. Figure out which day the plumber will be complete, subtract two days, then input that as the Start date for Install Electricity
    b. Establish a Finish-to-Start relationship between Install Plumbing and Install Electricity, and include a 2 day Lag
    c. Establish a Finish-to-Start relationship between Install Plumbing and Install Electricity, and include a -2 day Lag
    d. Establish a Start-to-Finish relationship between Install Plumbing and Install Electricity, and include a 2 day Lag

12. What is the easiest way to show only the Milestones and Summary Tasks within your project schedule?
    a. Click on >View, >Filter, >Milestones
    b. Click on >View, >Group by, >Milestones
    c. Insert the column Milestone, click on the dropdown filter on the column, then choose “Yes”
    d. Using the AutoFilter, filter for “Duration = 0”

13. The PMO manager comes to you because she realizes you have good experience with Microsoft Project 2013.  She is wondering if there is an out of the box view or report that shows Actual Work, Remaining Work and Baseline Work.  Which do you recommend?
    a. Project Overview dashboard
    b. Resource Allocation view
    c. Task Usage view
    d. Work Overview dashboard

14. You are about to begin a new project.  Which of the following Resource Types is NOT available in Microsoft Project 2013?
    a. Labor
    b. Material
    c. Work
    d. Cost

15. You are in the process of updating your schedule.  You notice that one task has 3 days of Remaining Duration.  You speak with the person assigned to this task and they state that the work is complete.  What should you do?
    a. Mark the task 100% Complete
    b. Enter 0 in Remaining Duration
    c. Enter a status date for the task
    d. Reschedule uncompleted work

Answer Key:
1. b
2. c
3. d
4. c
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. d
9. c
10. b
11. c
12. a
13. d
14. a
15. b

Find out more or sign up for this exam here:

Helpful articles, videos and podcasts on Microsoft Project here:

*Our friend Ellen at LehnertsCS.com reminds us that the actual questions for the 2013 exam are even more situational than what we have captured here.  Thanks Ellen!

Note: This book can help you prepare for the exam:

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