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There are currently 3 “Managing Successful Programmes”(MSP®) certifications available:
1. MSP Foundation
2. MSP Practitioner
3. MSP Advanced Practitioner

MSP® Foundation
The MSP Foundation exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The pass mark is 50%. This is a closed-book examination.
MSP Foundation is the entry level to the MSP qualification scheme and is a prerequisite to all further MSP training. Delegates can study MSP Foundation on their own to learn MSP basics and terminology or as a prerequisite for further study.

Prerequisite for exam: None

MSP® Practitioner
The MSP Practitioner Exam is an objective marking style paper:
- 8 questions
- Total of 80 marks
- 2.5 hours duration
- Candidates need to achieve a mark of 50% to pass the paper
- Open book exam - may only take the MSP Guide into the exam room for reference during the exam
- A pre-requisite for this exam is a score of 60% at Foundation level for candidates that have taken the Foundation exam on or after 1 March 2008. Candidates that have taken their Foundation exam prior to 1 March 2008 are exempt from this rule.
MSP Practitioner is for any organization or individual seeking the need for a controlled approach to managing programs and portfolios of projects. This qualification level can be reached by doing a combined Foundation/ Practitioner course. Upgrades are available for delegates who already hold the MSP Foundation certificate.

MSP® Advanced Practitioner
The Advanced Practitioner examination is an essay based, open book paper. The paper consists of up to 3 questions with a total of 75 marks available to be completed within 3 hours. Candidates need to achieve a mark of 38+ to pass the paper.
Designed for anyone in, or aspiring to, a senior role within a program. This qualification level can be attained by completing a combined Foundation/ Practitioner/ Advanced Practitioner course of study. Upgrades are available for delegates who already hold the MSP Practitioner certificate.

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