PMP Exam Day Tips
Date: Saturday, October 21 @ 02:54:45 EDT
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PMP Exam Day Tips

If you are taking your exam at a testing center, then this article is for you!

You've devoted at least 4,500 hours to project work, you have set through at least 35 hours worth of classroom training on Project Management, you have studied for hours and answered hundreds of practice questions, you have completed PMI's application for the PMP exam, you have paid roughly $500,  you received your acceptance letter, you have even scheduled your exam date.  In short, you have a lot invested into this exam.  Are you nervous?

Well here are some tips that should help calm your nerves:

-Drive to testing location prior to test day
-Arrive early on test day
-Bring 2 forms of ID and your letter from PMI
-You will be assigned a small locker
-They will give you 6 sheets of paper, 2 pencils and a small calculator
-They will escort you to your seat
-You will walk through instructions for taking exam
-You have 10 minutes to complete the instructions
-You have 60 seconds to start the online test after completing instructions
-Once you begin test, you have 4 hours.  Clock does not stop if you take break.
-Before answering any questions perform Braindump
-Have a gameplan.  Example:
    75 Questions – Break (90 minutes)
    75 Questions – Break (90 minutes)
    50 Questions and Review – Complete (60 minutes)
-Each time you take a break, you must sign out and back in with attendant.  Must also show ID
-Water fountain available, but take snack
-Can not wear a hat into center
-Can not reach into pocket
-No talking
-People will come and go, but don’t let this shake you.
-Read entire question fully – Usually more info than needed
-Read answers from the bottom up
-If you are not sure of answer, do not guess on the first pass.  Simply mark the question for review.
-Do not struggle too long on one question.  Mark it for review and come back.
-If you find questions further in the exam that will help you answer the questions that you marked for review, jot that question number down with a brief reference.
-Once you get to the end, you can then review the questions you previously marked. Many of these answers will now come quickly.
-After completing the questions marked for review, you can now click on “Complete Exam”
-It will prompt you “Are you sure”
-Once you choose yes or ok, the hourglass will appear on the screen as it calculates you results.  This takes about 15-20 seconds.
-Once complete the words “You Passed” appear on the screen (hopefully!).
-Test results are then printed with attendant
-Turn in your pencils, paper and calculator
-Attendant will give you a certified copy of your test results
-You will receive certification via mail

Good Luck!
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