How to Export to Excel from MS Project and Retain the Outline Structure
Date: Saturday, August 19 @ 04:31:19 EDT
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We've all been there.  You would like to share your MS Project schedule with someone electronically, but they do not have access to MS Project.  You tried saving the file as an .xls, but when you open the file in Excel, you realize it has lost it's outline structure and bold formatting for the summary rows.  This makes the schedule very tough to decipher.
The steps below will allow you to export to Excel and retain the outline structure and bold formatting of MS Project.

1. Click on File, Save As
2. Note where the file is being saved
3. Under the Save As Type, select Web Page*
4. Click on Save.  This starts the Export Wizard
5. Choose Next, then click on Existing Map, then Next
6. Click on Export to HTML using Standard Template
7. Click on Next until it is no longer available, then click on Finish
8. Browse to where the file was saved
9. Change the file extension from .html to .xls**
10. The plan will now open in Excel and the outline structure will be intact.

*This feature is not available within Microsoft Project 2007.
**To show the file extension you may need to Explore Windows, then choose Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, and uncheck "Hide exstensions for known file types".

Updates or modifications can now be made to this file in Excel and sent back to you for incorporating into your schedule.  If the output does not contain fields that you need, simply perform the steps again, only select a different export template in step 6.  Or you could create your own export map by selecting New in step 5.

See "Getting Data From Microsoft Project to Excel" for other options.

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