5 Free Microsoft Project Exam Prep Questions
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Put Your Microsoft Office Project 2007 Skill Set to the Test!

These questions are based on 70-632: TS - Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projects.  They have been reproduced with the permission of CertMag.com

1.  You want to use a calendar in your project. Many users in your project work different shifts. You want to ensure the project is able to accommodate contractors’ part-time schedules.
What should you do?
A.      Use the Standard base calendar.
B.      Use the 24-Hour base calendar.
C.      Use the Night Shift base calendar.
D.      Create a custom base calendar for the project.
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2.  In a master project, you insert a new project for which you do not have any resources. You want to assign resources to the new project. What should you do?
A.      Use resources from the master project.
B.      Use generic resources.
C.      Set the Leveling calculations option to Automatic.
D.      Create temporary resources.

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3.  You create a project plan and have two tasks that need to be linked. You want to ensure the "Define Business Model" task does not end before you complete the "Define Outsourcing Strategy" task.
How should you link the two tasks?
A.      Start to finish
B.      Start to start
C.      Finish to finish
D.      Finish to start
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4.  As per your project plan, a resource is scheduled to work on a task for 20 hours. The resource reports 30 hours of actual work, however. You have 10 hours of overtime work reported for the resource. You want to calculate the cost for the overtime, using minimum administrative effort and making minimum modifications to the project file.
What should you do?
A.      Manually calculate the overtime.
B.      Insert the Overtime work field to calculate the overtime.
C.      Extend the total work duration to 30 hours.
D.      Separate the overtime as a new task and then assign a new cost to the overtime task.
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5.  You are using a project plan in Microsoft Office Project 2007. You want to view only those tasks on which the resource Hannah is working. You are in the Task Usage view.
What should you do to achieve the objective?
A.      Print a Who Does What report.
B.      Change the view to the Resource Usage view.
C.      Change the view to the Tracking Gantt view and apply the Using Resource filter.
D.      Change the view to the Tracking Gantt view and apply the Resource Group filter.
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