Spell Checking in MS Project
Date: Sunday, March 18 @ 16:29:24 EDT
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Sure enough!!

I started using MS Project 98, and have grown up with the tool over the years.

I never thought about performing spell checking on my project schedules until a student caught a typo in one of the schedules I was demonstrating during class.  This could have been even more embarrasing had this been a member of upper management!!

I have vowed to perform spell checking on all project schedules in the future!

Although similar to Spell Checking within the other Office applications, Spell Checking within MS Project is slightly different.  (Please note that I am working with MS Project 2003)

Here is how it works:  Click on >Tools, >Spelling

Spell checking then begins.  If a word is located within the project schedule that is not recognized, the following dialogue box will appear:

Like the other Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), the wizard finds words that it believes are misspelled and then offers Suggestions.  You can select the proper suggestion and then choose Change on the right side.

If the proper spelling is not in the list of Suggestions, like other Office applications, you can type it in and select Change.

However, unlike the other Office products, the wizard does not take you directly to the misspelled word.  But note that it does display the "Found in" box.  If you would like to see how and where you are using this word, you will need to take note of the location where the misspelling was found, then cancel out of the wizard and inspect that location.

Once Spell Checking is complete, you will see the following dialogue box:

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