What are the Benefits of Citizen Development?
Date: Saturday, January 01 @ 07:12:52 EST
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What are the Benefits of Citizen Development?
  1. Forbes
    1. Design, Build and Implement Solutions Faster
    2. Build Better Business Applications
    3. Create A Culture Of Innovation And Boost Business Productivity
  2. Mendix
    1. Meet the growing need for apps
    2. Address shortage of skilled developers
    3. Govern shadow IT
    4. Boost IT and business productivity
    5. Break down silos
  3. Service Now
    1. Innovation and efficiency
    2. Speed
    3. Improvement
    4. Increase organization IP
    5. May reduce the risk of shadow IT
    6. Cost effective
    7. Scale
  4. AI Multiple
    1. Addresses shortage of developers in a cost-effective way
    2. Speed of development
    3. Aligns business leaders and IT
    4. Facilitates digital transformation
  5. PMI
    1. Rapid prototyping and faster development time
    2. Helping to reduce the IT backlog
    3. Improved sustainability and integration with legacy systems
    4. Improved partnering with the business
    5. Flexibility of solutions
    6. End of "Shadow IT"
    7. Ability to do more with less budget
    8. Upskilling and quick mastery frees up valuable time

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