How Many FTEs Will I Need On My Project?
Date: Tuesday, June 29 @ 01:29:14 EDT
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You have developed your schedule using Microsoft Project. You would now like to know how many Full Time Equivalents (FTE’s) will be required for this project. Here is how to answer that question.

  1. Insert the Work column and perform effort estimating for each task

2. Add an FTE on the Resource Sheet (Note a Std Rate of $10 per hour has also been applied as an average hourly rate)

3. Assign the FTE resource to all tasks

4. On the Resource Graph view, right click on the bar chart and chose “Percent Allocation”

5. This view now shows how many FTE’s will be needed per month. (1 in August and September and 1.4 in November and December)

6. As a bonus, if you right click on the bar chart and choose “Cost”…

7. You will now be able to see the Cost per Month based upon the average hourly rate.

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