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Date: Saturday, February 29 @ 17:59:04 EST
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Below are the top 5 most visited items from each category within our Research Center for 2019. 

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Project Management    

1.       Building Great Teams

2.       What to Expect When You're a New Project Manager

3.       The End of Agile

4.       Benefits of Project Management Software - What Project Managers really use it for?

5.       Resource Leveling: How Can You Use it in Project Management?


Microsoft Teams             

1.       How to use Microsoft Teams - Video

2.       10 of the latest Microsoft Teams integrations to help you work smarter, not harder

3.       10 productivity-boosting apps for Microsoft Teams

4.       How To Use Power BI And Teams Together

5.       Admin training for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Planner          

1.       How to Use Planner with Microsoft Teams - video

2.       Microsoft Project vs. Microsoft Planner

3.       Export Planner Tasks to Excel in Two Clicks

4.       Automatically Create Planner Tasks from MS Project Schedule ~ Video

5.       Create Tasks in Microsoft Planner using Google Home - video


Project For The Web     

1.       Project for the web for product launchers - video

2.       Integrate Project for the Web with Microsoft Teams

3.       The new Microsoft Project rolls out to customers worldwide

4.       Project For The Web vs Microsoft Project vs Planner vs Project Online

5.       Introducing the New Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project            

1.       How to Install Microsoft Project from your O365 Subscription

2.       Creating a program schedule - Video

3.       Share Reports Using the Microsoft Project Organizer - Video

4.       Creating a Ribbon Tab in MS Project

5.       View your project in a task board - agile



1.       PMBOK Guide 6th Edition Knowledge Areas for Project Management - Process Groups and Processes

2.       1000 FREE PMP Exam Prep Questions

3.       1036 Free PMP Exam Prep Questions

4.       Process to Process Group Game

5a.     Scheduling Approaches Video

5b.     Understanding Earned Value Management - Video


Program Management and PMO             

1.       Managing agile and waterfall together

2.       What is Robotic Process Automation?

3.       Business Agility: How can Project Management Practice and the PMO Adapt to Uncertain Times

4.       Three Project Management Interview Questions You Need to Ask

5.       What is a PMO?



1.       Inspect & Adapt: The Retrospective and Problem Solving Workshop Overview Video

2.       Lean Enterprise Assessment Template

3.       What Business Owners Need to Know About Scaled Agile Frameworks

4.       Accelerating Business Value with SAFe and Technology Business Management - White Paper

5.       Why is SAFe Certification so Important? - Video


Project Online or Project Server               

1.       Microsoft has a plan to clean up its overlapping project-management services

2.       Modern Work Management with Project Online - video

3.       Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Project Online - Video

4.       What Is An Enterprise Project Type? - Project Online / Project Server Config - video

5.       Multiple Project Roadmap Articles


Portfolio Management

1.       Project Prioritization: The Ultimate Guide

2.       The future of (Microsoft) Project and Portfolio Management

3.       A FREE One Page Overview of Successful Project Portfolio Management

4.       Introduction To Portfolio Management: A PPM Maturity Model

5.       5 Steps to an Agile Business Plan


Innovation Management            

1.       Six Principles For Creating A Good Corporate Innovation Process

2.       4 Ways to Beat Innovation Management Anxiety

3.       Getting Started with Innovation Management

4.       A Perspective on the Art of Innovation


Intelligent Automation

1.       AI in Project Management

2.       Applying Artificial Intelligence to Project Management

3.       What is intelligent automation?

4.       Tips for Working with Your Data

5.       What is RPA - Robotic Process Automation


Great Websites

1.       PMaspire Singapore PTE Ltd.

2.       PMP Preparation Online Course


4.       Ten Six Blog

5.       MS Project Podcast


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