Hey Google....Talk to PMP FAQ
Date: Saturday, December 21 @ 06:04:53 EST
Topic: PMConnection Articles

Got questions about PMI's PMP Exam?  Ask Google Assistant!

If you have Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Mini or Google Hub) simply say "Talk to PMP FAQ".

Google will connect to the PMP FAQ database and ask how to help.

Now simply ask a question like; "How many questions are on the exam?", "What is the cost of the exam?", or "Where do I sign up to take the exam?"

Google will then comb through its database to find the answer.

For the best experience, it is recommended that you work with the Google Assistant App on your phone or Google Hub so that you can read the answer as well as hear the words.

If you are preparing for the PMP Exam, you can have Google Assistant ask YOU questions.  See Hey Google....Talk to PMP Exam Prep


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