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Date: Saturday, June 15 @ 20:03:04 EDT
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If you have Google Assistant (Google Home, Google Mini or Google Hub) simply say "Talk to PMP Exam Prep".

Google will then give you the definition of a project management term.  You simply respond with the correct term.  If you get the term right, Google will let you know and move on to the next definition.  If you miss the term, Google will give you a second opportunity to answer.  If you provide the incorrect term a second time, Google will give you the correct answer and then provide you with the next term.

You will get three questions per round.  Google will keep track of how many you get right.  Google will then ask you if you would like to play another round.

The terms are randomly pulled from a database containing all 470 project management terms located in the PMBOK® Glossary (Sixth Edition 2017).  See the searchable database online from here

If you are studying for the PMP® exam, you can use this Google PMP Exam Prep Application like flashcards to help you memorize the definitions.  

For the best experience, it is recommended that you work with the Google Assistant App or Google Hub so that you can read the term as well as hear the words.  If you say "Repeat the question", Google will read the definition again.

If you would like to ASK Google questions about the PMP Exam itself, try Hey Google....Talk to PMP FAQ

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