Create Tasks in Microsoft Project using Google Assistant
Date: Wednesday, February 27 @ 21:15:24 EST
Topic: PMConnection Articles

This article will guide the user through configuring a solution that will enable the user to create tasks in Microsoft Project using Google Assistant (or Google Home). Note that this solution does NOT require any custom code, Project Online or the purchase of a third-party add-on.

Watch short overview video here.

This solution does require Microsoft Project, Google Assistant, Trello, Wunderlist, an IFTTT Applet, Microsoft Flow and SharePoint.

The following image shows how the products are integrated and how the solution flows at a high level.


Module 1 Create a SharePoint Task List

Module 2 Open SharePoint Task List In Microsoft Project

Module 3 Create Account in Wunderlist

Module 4 Create Trello Account

Module 5 Create Applet in IFTTT

Module 6 Create Workflow in Microsoft Flow

Module 7 Create a task in Microsoft Project using Google Assistant

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