Integrate Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner
Date: Saturday, December 29 @ 10:35:57 EST
Topic: PMConnection Articles

This series of articles will guide the user through configuring a solution that will enable some basic integration between Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner. Note that this solution requires zero custom coding!

This article will show how it is possible to update Microsoft Project Tasks via a Smart Phone.

Watch short overview video here

The key benefit is that Project Managers can create tasks within Microsoft Project that automatically save to Planner. Team Members can update and complete tasks in Planner which then automatically updates Microsoft Project.

This solution does require SharePoint, Project Professional, Planner and Flow. It does NOT require Project Online!

Module 1 – Create a SharePoint Task List

Module 2 – Create Microsoft Planner Plan

Module 3 – Create Workflows in Microsoft Flow

Module 4 – Build The Team

Module 5 – Open SharePoint Task List In Microsoft Project

Module 6 – Create The Project in Microsoft Project

Module 7 – Inspect the Planner Tasks

Module 8 – Completing a Planner Task via the Web

Module 9 – Accepting updates in Microsoft Project

Module 10 – Completing a Planner Task via the Planner App

Module 11 – Dealing with a Late Task in Microsoft Project

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