Completing a Planner Task via the Planner App
Date: Saturday, December 29 @ 10:26:35 EST
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This is "Module 10 – Completing a Planner Task via the Planner App", which is part of a series on "How to Integrate Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner".

57. The Microsoft Planner App can be downloaded and installed on your smart phone. Find it in your favorite app store.

58. Open the Planner App on your phone and log in

59. By default the tasks are grouped by Bucket

60. Change Group by to Assigned To

61. Swipe left to see the next person and their assigned tasks

62. To mark a task as complete, click on the task name ("Decide Color" above)

63. Click on Set start and Due dates and choose Due date

64. Input the date in which the task actually finished within the Due date field and click on OK

65. Change the status to Completed

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