Add Kanban Image to Header Web Part
Date: Tuesday, November 20 @ 20:42:28 EST
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This is "Module 11 – Add Kanban Image to Header Web Part", which is part of a series on "How to create a Kanban Board in SharePoint Linked Dynamically to Microsoft Project Task Board".

84. From your SharePoint site, navigate to Site Contents

85. Click on Site Assets

86. Click on >Upload, >Files and browse to find your favorite image

87. Your image will be added as a file within Site Assets

88. Right click on the file name and click on Copy link

89. The following dialog box will appear. Click on Copy

90. Navigate to the Kanban page. Click on >Page, >Edit Page

91. Within the Header section, click on Add a Web Part

92. Under Category, select Media and Content. Under Parts, select Image Viewer, then click on Add.

93. Click on Open the Tool Pane hyperlink

94. The Image Viewer configuration pane will appear on the right. Click on the Ellipses to the right of the URL box

95. The Text Editor dialogue box will appear

96. Paste the URL that you copied from your uploaded image here, and then click on OK.

97. Scroll down, expand the Appearance section. Replace Image Viewer with a space. Then click on OK.

98. Click on Stop Editing

99. You will be returned to the SharePoint Kanban page



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