Kanban Board in SharePoint Linked Dynamically to Microsoft Project Task Board
Date: Sunday, November 18 @ 04:25:55 EST
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Watch short video overview from here.

This following articles will guide the user through the most efficient process for creating a Kanban Board in SharePoint that is linked Dynamically to the Task Board within Microsoft Project.

Note that this is all done through configuration.  There is absolutely no custom coding involved.

Module 1 – Create a SharePoint Task List

Module 2 – Open SharePoint Task List In Microsoft Project

Module 3 – Map Fields from Project to SharePoint

Module 4 – Create a View in a SharePoint Task List

Module 5 – Create a Kanban Board in SharePoint

Module 6 – Add Kanban Board to Quick Launch Menu

Module 7 – Configure SharePoint Task List for Kanban Usage

Module 8 – Add Tasks to Kanban in SharePoint

Module 9 – Update Tasks in SharePoint Kanban

Module 10 – Update Tasks in Project Task Board

Module 11 - Add Kanban Image to Header Web Part

This solution could be of value for:

1. My team needs to move from post-it notes to an electronic solution.  This is one option.


2. My company does not allow other software, but we do use SharePoint.  Is it possible to build a Kanban in SharePoint? Yes!


3. The Task Board feature of MS Project is great.  How can I share the Task Board from MS Project with the rest of my team members?  This solution meets that need.


4. How can I efficiently capture real-time updates from my team and incorporate into MS Project?  Again, this solution will work for that!

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