Configure SharePoint Task List for Kanban Usage
Date: Sunday, November 18 @ 03:45:14 EST
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This is "Module 7 – Configure SharePoint Task List for Kanban Usage", which is part of a series on "How to create a Kanban Board in SharePoint Linked Dynamically to Microsoft Project Task Board".

57. We need to make one adjustment to make the updating of tasks on the SharePoint Kanban easier. Go back to your original Task List. For me this is My Project


58. Click on >List, >List Settings


59. Under Content Types, click on Task


60. Click on Column Order


61. Change Board Status to 2, then click on OK


62. Click on Settings in the breadcrumb in the upper left


63. Click on Board Status


64. Change type of information for this column to Choice


65. Sliding down the screen, you will see that the lookup table values are To Do, In Progress and Done. Change the Default value to To Do. Then click on OK.

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